Summary :
Summary data for hammerdirt California
Nov 2015-May 2017
units= pieces/meter (pcs/m)
No of Samples: 59
No of locations: 4
No of rivers - lakes: 4 - 0
First sample date: Nov 2015
Most recent sample: May 2017
No of pieces of garbage: 19,569
Avg pcs/m: 11.98 pcs/m
Standard deviation: 4.74
75th percentile: 15.69 pcs/m
Min - Max pcs/m: 3.7407 - 24.96 pcs/m
 Map of hammerdirt California locations
Locations of the HDC samples
Nov 2015-May 2017
Circle size relative to avg pcs/m
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All HDC daily results
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