Take from the poor - give to the poor
The longterm cost of cheap labor
The poor and working poor make up a larger portion of swiss society
Many do not pay into the mandatory pension system

The social and economic landscape of Switzerland is changing. While the social contract is maintained by city social services, what happens when those working poor reach retirement age ?

Furthermore long term unemployment is a problem for individuals greater than 45 years old. As individuals turn to short-term and part-time work to make ends meet, employers restrict hours to avoid paying into the LPP

What are the costs of this employment strategy ? If a greater portion of people are not paying into the pension system how are we going to maintain the social contract as they reach retirement age?

What is the cost of cheap labor today in relation to pension contributions and values in the future ?

hammerdirt will take a look

Computing and data analysis
Advanced data visualisations with D3
JavaScript has evolved and we are following
D3 and python, hold on its comin'

We like numbers and colors. Data visualisation is a core competence at hammerdirt

Maybe it's because we are better at math than grammar, either way there is no better way to explain or demonstrate a concept than interactive graphics.

Python and JavaScript are free to use and are not dependent on super expensive computing sytems: perfect for small unfunded organisations like ours.

Machine learning
What can we do with scikit-learn?
Forget sepal length, we are going to run the trash data through this library

While many people hash over the same old data sets provided by the developers of this powerfull library, hammerdirt will look at data from real life.

Sourced from the crowd or from underexploited data sets, we will dive deep into this library and get to know it intimateley

Environment and ecosytems
Riparian flora and fauna
Literature review of riparian habitats
Focus on wetlands and inland water sytems

Along with hammerdirt California, we will conduct a litterature review of riparian habitats in California and Switzerland. Focussing on the dominant species of the American River and the Lac LĂ©man.

Environment and ecosytems
Monitoring and surveilance
We like to build things
DIY build of water quality monitor

Now that we have a backend that can recieve and process data from a variety of sources we will finally build that water qaulity monitor

Are you interested ?
Contributions are welcome
There is no pay and the work is hard

Each project builds to the next and our focus is on learning and developing key skills for the information based economy