Keep it clean
How clean is your beach?
We will remove the beach litter from your property
Support our longest running project

Data collection is often considered a cost. However when the data collection involves removing trash from the shoreline there is a guaranteed value.

  • We remove the trash from the shoreline
  • Prepare a report for you detailing how your property compares to other locations
  • The data collected becomes part of the long-term beach litter study

Revenue from these activities is used to compensate hammerdirt staff, pay for costs associated with the project and to conduct operations on public shorelines.

There is a flat rate of CHF 350 for shoreline less than 60 meters anywhere on the Lake. Disounts if more than 6 inventories are purchased. Prices vary for California operations

Interested ? email us

Research partners
In the field and the lab
Independent and equiped for a variety of assignments
Able to manage projects on a large scale

Do you need qualified staff for short or long term projects? Hammerdirt staff work together regularly, we have our own communications and project management protocols allowing us to integrate quickly into larger teams

Furthermore hammerdirt staff regularly (daily) use the follwoing programing languages and frameworks:

  • Python, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, django, twisted
  • JavaScript, D3, D4, highcharts
  • CSS Bootstrap, HTML5
  • Linux/unix server administration
  • Android OS

All team members speak english fluently, and for the most part we are all bilingual (french, german)

A force multiplier for your projects

Standalone modules
Your research your data
Create modules using your content
similar to the water quality and beach litter moduels

Our modules can be integrated into larger projects or applications. Wether we use a containerirzed version or work with your developers to integrate directly into your platform

Environmental and social justice
hammerdirt staff are dedicated to preserving our natural environment
Focus on reserach

Hammerdirt started by a simple obervation. Since we have grown into a network of individuals linked by our desire to ensure social and environemental justice through research.

Characterized by actions that are discrete but to the point, we don't want the glory --- we just want to make a difference.

Can you hammerdirt ?