Welcome to the beach-litter section
This is a Management tool:
Based on hundreds of observations. Because to manage it, you need to measure it.
Pragmatic action:
Each trash sample remediates the problem(a little bit). Data collection is for tomorrow. Removing trash is for today.
Water is better without trash:
A clean beach is a guaranteed value.
Reproducible research:
You can DIY this if you like, gather your own data or use ours. Updated every time somebody makes a request to the server.
Methods and Analysis
Methods based on two programs:
Marine Liiter Watch and OSPAR. A brief description of how we define a 'beach-litter-survey':
Probability of garbage
Year over year results from beach-liiter-surveys on Lac Léman. Expressed as the probability distribution of finding a quantity of trash per meter of lake shore.
Comparing Swiss lakes
Comparing the survey results from 15 different lakes in Switzerland.
History and projects
All good things take time:
The project was built from the ground up. From the first set of observations noted on paper to developing the application that allows all stakeholders to use the data as they see fit.
Open access is a critical resource
This is a list of all the different tools used to make this app:
Search litter data:
Start your search here or scroll down to see the combined data for Switzerland.
Summary:  All locations
No of Samples: 1109
No of locations: 147
No of rivers - lakes: 28 - 15
First sample date: 2015-11
Most recent sample: 2018-11
No of pieces of garbage: 145,707
Avg pieces/meter: 3.75 pcs/m
Standard deviation 9.41
25th percentile 0.42 pcs/m
75th percentile 3.40 pcs/m
Min - Max pcs/m : 0.0061 - 181.17
Location of beach litter surveys:
Plot All locations:

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